The team at Uptrix has been working with SAP systems since 1997 and has diverse experience in Business Strategy, Solution Delivery, Project Management, SAP Services & Support, Technical & Functional Configuration, Resource Management and SAP Training. We also partner with leading global software companies to deliver products and solutions that help end users improve Data Management, Productivity, Strategic Reporting and manage Data Migration with ease. Our services and products are aimed at helping our customers increase the profitability of their organization, through automating IT operations and reducing costs.

We provide cost-effective, end-to-end solutions through engagment with customers, analysing their roadblocks, proposing the right set of SAP tools and effective project planning. To ensure that customers get the support they really need, Uptrix provides customized training, along with standard and solution specific support.

Your data life cycle management begins with Uptrix enabling you to make the right decisions for SAP solutions. We help you focus on improving processes through proprietary solutions and have the right expertise and years of experience in configuring, implementing and using state-of-the-art technologies for delivering process-based solutions.

Insight Software is the best-in-class provider & innovator of Microsoft Excel based solutions that accelerate ERP Reporting & Data Loading Tasks.

Specifically designed with SAP & Oracle in mind, these award-winning products empower business professionals from a range of industries. Independent & secure access to real-time ERP data directly from Microsoft Excel, enables businesses in taking accurate & timely decisions.

Insight Software was founded in 2000 & currently serves over 6000 customers & 150,000 users worldwide. The solutions designed and created by Insight Software have achieved SAP Certified Integration with SAP R3, ECC and S/4 HANA.

Live ERP Reporting has never been easier.

Innowera by Magnitude

Innowera is a leading global software provider that empowers SAP users with agile data management and productivity tools. Designed for business users, the products simplify complex problems and drive efficiency through automation. With Innowera’s technology, the increase of data quality, accuracy and the reduction of on-going costs becomes a reality. It enables SAP users by automating day-to-day tasks without needing to write any programs. When it comes to managing SAP data easily & efficiently, Innowera surpasses anything out there in the market today. Business users are empowered & Innowera aids in extending SAP to Excel, SharePoint, Databases, Web Browsers & Mobile Devices.

Innowera Process Runner is the most advanced SAP and Excel integration tool in the world. It’s an automation software tool that allows you to upload and download data between SAP and Excel – without writing a single line of code. It works out of the box, without needing to make any changes to your SAP system.

SmartShift Technology

SmartShift is an elite transformation and management partner to the world’s leading enterprise IT organizations with a deep heritage of building robust and extremely high-quality algorithmic tools for SAP. SmartShift has served more than 200 global enterprise organizations across numerous vertical markets with over 700 successful project deliveries. SmartShift’s unique automation technology helps businesses dramatically reduce the risks, costs, quality issues and timelines associated with SAP transformation projects. SmartShift’s patented platform transforms hard-to-manage custom code so that it behaves just like standard SAP code. In the last 2 years, SmartShift has analysed over 500 million lines of code and performed automated remediation on nearly 350 million lines of code.