Microsoft Shared Services (Independent Software Vendors - ISV)

The cloud-based MS Dynamics 365 brings with it an ease of use and an opportunity to ensure a faster ROI for an ERP implementation by integrating with industry-specific business applications across industries such as retail, banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, government, etc. MS Dynamics 365 will provide you with the tools and frameworks to build and deploy industry-specific solutions strengthening relationships with your customers and developing new avenues for business opportunities.

Along with an array of features and functionalities aimed at integrating your business functions under a single umbrella, Dynamics 365 also ensures easy accessibility because it synergizes with your collaborative business applications suite like the Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Independent Software Vendors (ISV) providing solutions and applications across industry-specific areas can leverage the easy accessibility that Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer, to provide customers a customized and targeted solution addressing very specific business needs.

Banking and Financial Institutions

ISVs for Banking and Financial Institutions provide a range of solutions that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering seamless integration across business functions. The solutions aim to automate key banking functions ensuring superior productivity, and enriched security and improved control.  ISVs provide a bank-specific CRM solution that is aimed at strengthening relationships between banks and financial institutions and their clients. Banks and financial institutions can leverage the applications ability to provide a unified view of its customer data enables to make more meaningful connections with customers. It simplifies decision making by providing a more efficient approach to customer onboarding and personalization while at the same time enabling a superior ability to understand its customers and create value potential by being able to tailor banking and financial services to unique customer needs.

Dynamics 365 for Banking and Financial Institutions

Governments and Public Sector Organisations

Governments and Public Sector Organisations can use the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s seamless integration with other applications on the Office 365 platform to empower employees, use data intelligently and provide better engagements with their ‘customers’, who include constituents and citizens who interface with the government offices. ISVs offer solutions such as Public Records Tracker built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that manages Right to Information requests. It offers prioritization rules and protocols and enables automation of tasks to organize and route requests. Government agencies provide its citizenry services such as pensions, loans, etc., and ISVs use Dynamics CRM to enhance customer service.

Healthcare Industry

ISVs in the Healthcare Industry optimizes Dynamics 365 to achieve:

  • Provides the ability to view and create EMR (Electronic Medical Records) data such as appointments, procedures, medications, diagnostics, etc., within a patient or practitioner-specific form in Dynamics. EMR data can be viewed across devices including mobile phones, tablets, and other palm top devices. 
  • Enables Healthcare institutions to have a chronological view of entire timelines that has occurred with a patient or a provider.
Microsoft Shared Services
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Legal Firms

Courts & Legal Firms

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ISVs for Courts & Legal Firms offer practice and legal case management software so you can view detailed case information within Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows for a robust Court management system through digitization, document management, judicial knowledge management and learning management. An E-Court system through Microsoft Dynamics immediately provides a user-friendly and easy to use environment enhancing ICT enablement through e-filling, e-Payment and the usage of mobile applications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to set reminder and alerts, manage to schedule, and track progress and timelines.

At Uptrix Consulting, we can help breakdown your requirements and tie in with the right ISV solution to not only reduce your software landscape but ensure that your investment is tied very tightly with your needs in the customer engagement space. Among Microsoft Dynamics partners the ISVs, or Independent Software Vendors, are companies focused on specific industries and solutions.  By partnering with the best in class Microsoft Dynamics ISVs, we enhance your Dynamics 365 solution to further customize and optimize your business processes. We seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 with industry or process-specific solutions from our top-rated ISV partners.