Dynamics 365

In a world that is driven by evolving technologies and innovative solutions, customers are spoilt for choices. ERP, once touted to be the enterprise solution to transform the way an organization operated, has now transformed into many small, niche areas of business opportunities. These business opportunities enable CXOs and decision makers to not only understand how efficiently they are operating, but also how they are managing their own resources and customers. It is necessary for organizations to understand both these stakeholders, to drive a successful digital transformation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is arguably one of the best solutions in the market that taps into the customers’ demands of enhanced business value, while at the same time enabling decision makers to operate at an optimal level.

One of the important challenges in implementing an ERP solution is user adoption. This is because it takes a lot of time and effort to change established manner of working and learn new tools. The transition is rarely seamless. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 scores over its competition as it shares a common UI with Microsoft’s business suite, with which the end users are already familiar. Dynamics 365 integrates with Microsoft’s productivity applications without any third-party plug-ins, enabling enterprises to have a comprehensive insight into customer records, financial data and operations. This will function as analytical insight tools for decision-makers. This modern, unified, intelligent, and adaptable solution can help drive digital transformation by managing the business and customers in an improved and comprehensive way. 

Our Services

Complete Dynamics 365 Solution

With Uptrix as your Microsoft partner, you can expect a seamless implementation that enables you to leverage the true potential of Dynamics 365 across business functions comprising of Sales, Operations, Financials and Customer Engagement among others. Our experienced consultants can help you with business process consulting and industry best practices thus helping you save time, money and get a faster return of investment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to transform your business by seamlessly unifying CRM and ERP capabilities through the Azure cloud. The various plans available through Microsoft enable us to implement components such as:

Customer Service (CRM), Sales (CRM), Field Service (CRM), Marketing (CRM), Project Service Automation (CRM), Finance and Operations (ERP), Retail and  Talent.

Implementation, Development & Professional Services

We provide you with the complete implementation service, including provisioning, business mapping, user training, system testing, and process rollout. We understand you want to run your business your way. We can help:

• Provide full access to the features and capabilities of the core platforms, and integrate these into the Dynamics 365 user experience

• Build on and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities, by creating custom-tailored solutions that solve your business needs.

• Build solutions on top of the robust capabilities included with Dynamics 365, to address complex business functionality

Migration and Integration

One of the biggest challenges while implementing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is data migration – data ranging from sales figures to operating expenses to customer profiles. Based on our experience:

  • We suggest starting with only what you need, so that you can keep your focus on optimizing the system and enhancing productivity.
  • We can help with data migration by ensuring elimination of redundant data, especially if data is collated from disparate sources


Upgrades are unavoidable and are mandatory in order to continue to leverage the capabilities of an application, that is constantly evolving based on new technologies and innovations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is no different. Some upgrades are simple, while others are more complex. To provide the best possible services during an upgrade, we provide:

• Optimize your upgrade based on your requirements.

•Ensure that you don’t spend unnecessarily in upgrading and maintaining what is not required

•Constant support to make your upgrade as seamless as possible.

Support and Maintenance

Maintaining Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be overwhelming, as any implementation/installation involves disruptive changes. We provide:

• Both standard and solution specific support, to ensure customers receive the support they really need

• Guidance based on extensive implementation experience

• Constant support for all your queries


Any successful implementation involves user adoption of the new system that is seamless and effortless. Towards ensuring the same, we help in:

• Developing your own capabilities for self-service and user-adoption.

• Offer regular multi-layer, routine and need-based training across business functions that include changes in organization, hardware, business strategy, and administration

• Optimize your self-service capabilities and minimize the risk associated with user adoption