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- Data management Made easy!

Automate and Integrate the quick &
cost-efficient way with Blend 365

     • Blend 365 is the smart way to automate and integrate between MS         Dynamics and other platforms.
    • Dynamics 365 data migration and Dynamics 365 integration is easy now.       Migrate and integrate data from CSV files, SQL DB, MS Excel to Dynamics in       minutes.
    • Save the time and cost spent on complex technical solutions with Dynamics 365       tools. Microsoft Dynamics integration and data migration for Microsoft Dynamics       has never been more cost-efficient!

Efficient and Accurate Data Management and Migration Solutions

Data is now more important than the software application that stores it and Blend 365 focuses on just that! Blend 365 empowers Microsoft Dynamics 365 users with quick, efficient and accurate data management and migration solutions


Replace Incorrect and Duplicate Data with
Quality Data That You Can Trust.

• Let the experts do it

Blend 365 gives the power to create or upload data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the right people in an organization, preventing the need for
technical teams to handle data.

• Simplifies validation
Blend 365 uses smart workflow technology for data managers to verify data before it is uploaded or created in Microsoft Dynamics 365 by
business users.

• Transform data with ease

Blend 365’s built-in transformation tools allow users to authenticate and convert data with rules such as date formulae, calculations,
translation tables, etc.

A Simple and Effortless User Interface For
Easy Data Management!

Get notified

Blend 365 interfaces with your email client to send notification emails to users after a data process is completed in the system.

Schedule with ease

Blend 365 provides user-friendly options to schedule day-to-day transactional data uploads into MS Dynamics 365.


Blend 365 provides a three-step process to manage and migrate your data into MS Dynamics 365 using simple drag and drop techniques. This makes it easy to construct and monitor integrations for error-free data management.

Search data with ease

Blend 365 provides a smart mapping interface for business users, allowing them to easily search and map source data to be created within the destination application.

Key Features of Blend 365


3-Step data loading
SQL DB; MS Excel; CSV; Microsoft Dynamics

Zero programming, No coding
Designed for Business Users with drag/drop

Excel Add-In for quick start MS Excel Integration
50-80% Timesaving

80% more Data Accuracy
Data approvals through Smart Workflow

Inbuilt transformation tools to Validate and Transform Data
Easy Data Scheduling with Email Notifications

Who could benefit from Blend 365?

Business users

Business users who use Microsoft Dynamics tools to perform daily operations.

Technical users

Company IT consultants/teams and system integrators.

Admin users

CIOs, IT Directors, IT Managers, ERP Heads and Data Managers who can validate and verify changes in data.

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