Mid-Market Pricing.
Enterprise Functionality.
Unlimited Integrations.

Standard User

$ 999 Annual Price

Professional User

$ 1499 Annual Price

System Integrators

$ 1999 Annual Price

Licensing Plan

Blend 365 is an efficient, all-round tool for Data Migration and Integration on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our plans are devised to suit your specific needs and are a cost-efficient answer to your data management issues.



System Integrators


Standard User

Professional User

Price (USD) Monthly



Price (USD) Annual 

paid in advance



System Connections



Number of integrations 



Price (USD) Perpetual (lifelong)



Inclusions: Excel Add-In


1. What is a system connection?

A system connection is a link between two systems which you intend to use as a source or destination for your data integration. For example, a system connection could be between MS Excel & Microsoft Dynamics CRM or any of our available connection options. Please keep in mind that a system connection includes environments such as QA and Development and not only Production environments.

2. What are integrations?

Integrations are the actual data transfers between two systems in a system connection. For example, an integration might be sales order data transferred from MS Excel to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

3. What is the Excel Add-In?

The Excel Add-In is a feature of Blend 365 which provides ‘Standard User’ functionality directly in Microsoft Excel. A ‘Standard User’ can proceed directly into Microsoft Excel to perform a data integration between two systems.

4. Explain the difference between a Standard User and a Professional User?

Blend 365 provides a very simple licensing structure. A ‘Professional User’ license allows the user to create the script for a data integration and also upload/download data using that script. A ‘Standard User’ license allows the user to use existing scripts to complete a data upload/download integration.

5. Who are System Integrators?

System Integrators are organizations that implements enterprise-wide IT applications for companies. If you are a System Integrator and would like to purchase Blend 365 for your project implementation, please contact us at with your requirement.

6. How do I get started?

After purchasing licenses, product download links will be sent by email along with a quick start guide.

7. Is there an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) and is Support included?

An AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is mandatory for Annual and Perpetual licenses. Details of the standard AMC cost are provided during the payment process. The AMC for Annual and Perpetual license holders allow users to access Support via email or phone. Please visit our Support page for more details.

8. Which payment options are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards through our payment system Paypal