Today’s market landscape is not as stable as it used to be. It has become more dynamic with the evolution of technology and the need to cater to the ever-changing branches of an organization. This in turn means that ERP systems with business modules required for an enterprise, are falling short of meeting specific requirements. There is always a need to tweak, customize or enhance it to suit ever-changing needs. Additionally, it is always difficult to enforce user-adoption on people who are entrenched in a particular modus operandi.

What we specialize in

As partners with SAP and Microsoft, Uptrix empowers ERP system users by providing the following:


We provide customers with the right set of third-party tools for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics in order to reduce implementation costs, productivity issues, integration problems and performance difficulties. As an ERP system is typically used to collate data and provide analytics, we help convert this analysis into meaningful but easy to use reports providing business-focused data reports that can be periodic or ad-hoc for executives/CXOs to derive insights and drive efficiency. Our tools for Microsoft are designed to be embedded in Dynamics to enhance and meet the unique and exacting needs of different industries such as Apparel, Banking and Judiciary.


Software Licensing is being affected by changing policies, evolving technology, and resistance to user adoption which poses challenges to organizations as they struggle to find a balance between actual needs and unnecessary clutter. At Uptrix we can fulfil your Microsoft licensing needs by MAXIMISING your current entitlements, OPTIMIZING your consumption, REDUCING renewal costs and EMPOWERING you for contract negotiations.


We provide a complete range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 services such as Implementations, Development Services and Support. Our strategy includes end-to-end offerings in partnership with leading ISVs.

Reduce SAP & Microsoft Project Costs

Improve business quality and productivity

Manage resources efficiently

Improve SAP & Microsoft performance

Our SAP Tools portfolio already helps over 3000 SAP companies worldwide. As a company if you have projects involving Data Migration, SAP Master Data Processing, SAP Transaction Data Processing, Mass Updates, S/4HANA Upgrades, Reporting or Data Extraction, our portfolio of automation tools has the ‘wow’ factor which will change the way you view and use SAP.

Our SAP Tools provide:

  • Real time ad-hoc and drill down reporting with the power of Excel
  • Data uploading and downloading with real time validation and error checking
  • SAP Data Management Strategy for an Agile Enterprise
  • Zero reliance on ABAP/LSMW/BW and other complex SAP solutions

Cost-effective end-to-end solutions:

We offer enterprise automation solutions to meet the demand of growing organizations. We transform businesses by offering solutions, which are quickly configurable and seamlessly adaptive. Our services have improved operational excellence, managerial effectiveness and strategic enablement.

As a trusted partner for game changing companies, Uptrix offers a complete range of futuristic and tailor-made software, services and support that help small and medium size organizations transform, simplify and grow. We are driving innovations across a wide range of industry verticals with the help of our team of industry experts in SAP, ERP management and Microsoft.


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